I am Pauline and live with my husband, Keith, in the heart of Mid Devon just a few miles from Crediton.

Breeding is a hobby that has been very rewarding in so many ways. I waited 18 years to finally get to breed these wonderful cats. I have been breeding now for about five years and still so much more to learn.

We do like to share our lives and home with our pets. Visitors to our home are soon made aware of this. A few times a year I may show my cats, in the interest of the Breed and to make sure we are breeding to type.

My cats have access to a large enclosed area via their own cat flap. While breeding my girls go down to the stud quarters with both indoor and outdoor enclosed areas with TV!

All of my kittens are born in our bedroom and stay there for the first few weeks. When they are at the stage of moving around using the litter tray, they go into our dining room. This is where they get socialised and their grooming begins. At 9 weeks they have their 1st vaccination and at this time we welcome visitors to play and handle all the kittens. With full run of our home they get used to the usual domestic activities and sounds so that they are ready to leave us.

In addition to my cats we have a female sheltie, 'Lucy', a blue merle, who we have successfully breed from and hope to do so again later this year.

Keith breeds pygmy goats and has 9 females and 3 weathers. Kids are usually due at Easter. We are very much a pet family and our daughters take it in turns to look after every one if we need to be away.











We R Marbears

Ragdoll and Birman Cats


........Pygmy Goats and Shelties