The Birman is also known as the Sacred Cat of Burma. The Birman’s beginnings are shrouded in the kind of legend and mystery that delight cat fanciers of all ages.

Among the many cat breeds, Birmans stand out as being extremely sociable trusting and domesticated. Breeders and owners describe them as gentle and quiet, loving, companionable, and loyal. They have a very gracious and noble demeanour and love being with people.

They may well bond with one member of the family more than the other; they are not necessarily one-person cats. If one person is not available they will move onto the next.
Birmans are always there when you need them-mellow, friendly, and moderately friendly. Not too mischievous.

One of their special qualities is the eye contact that they will maintain with their owners. A Birman will look you right in the eye as a way of displaying her affection and capture your heart with a soulful gaze. Quietly speak her name and watch your Birman slowly close both eyes and open them again, which is an action equal to blowing you a kiss from across the room.

Birmans are polite and don’t tend to be demanding, but they do need love and attention to be truly happy cats.
In terms of personality, Birmans are often compared to dogs than cats. They like to be with their family. They are tolerant of children and younger family members and adjust well to their human’s busy lives.

Birmans have coats that are silky with a ruff around their necks and slightly curly on their stomachs. The hair is of such texture not to mat. Birmans do loved to be groomed. Grooming will help prevent hairballs and is great interaction for you both.

Our kittens have been bred as 'inside' cats; he/she will follow you, so you do have to be careful not to allow your kitten to follow you outside. If you do want to let your kitten go out where it could come into contact with other cats, I would recommend that you get it vaccinated against Leukaemia.

The main thing is to remember love your kitten and you will be rewarded with total devotion in return.

'Teddy' is our neuter Blue point.

'Daisy', a Blue point is our queen.











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