Pygmy Goats for us are a pleasure; they are certainly not organic lawn mowers.
They are browsers; they do not graze like sheep. In fact they are quite fussy in what they will eat.

They have good clean hay and concentrate food with fresh water daily. Table scraps of fruit and vegetable, all cut up to easy managed pieces (my wife says they are better looked after than she is), they do like to eat banana skins, fresh grass, ivy, nettles, black thorn etc. There are a number of plants poisonous Pygmy's, Box, Hogweed, Foxglove, Laurel, Rhododendron and Daffodil being amongst them. And there are poisonous trees like Conifers, Horse Chestnut, Oak (in large quantities), Laburnum. Having said this they are so easy and rewarding to look after.

They will call us if we are around outside, to come over to give them a head rub or if kids a cuddle. We have a 'play station' in the middle of the paddock and you can often hear them running up and down the many ramps, just like lambs on a spring day.

We attend a couple of shows locally each-year weather permitting it's only for fun and makes a great day out.

Our goats have an inside area with a good flow of air, which they have access to at all times. During the wet months we keep them off the grass. It is at these times they spend a lot of time either inside or on their concrete hard standing. They sleep as a family group.

I keep around 5 Nannies plus 3-5 wethers and 2 goatlings at present. Our pygmies are all free running living as one family group. I do not use collars; they remain as natural as possible.

We breed on a small scale and sometimes have kids for sale to suitable homes.
Our kids are usually born around Easter time; colours can vary from dark brown to all the pale colours from plain to patterned.

All our goats are disbudded and all male kids {wethers} are castrated for their own health and safety.

We register them with the Pygmy goat club and in accordance with DEFRA they are ear tagged.

We do not let any of our goats go where there are already horned goats. Disbudded goats will be bullied by horned goats and for this reason should not be mixed.

We will not sell a single kid. They are heard animals so only sold in pairs or multiples. Two wethers (castrated males) make excellent pets.

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