My hobby started with two pets, Jack my seal Ragdoll and Teddy my blue Birman. I feel both breeds compliment each other. You are never on your own with these wonderful ever-loving cats.

All our cats are adored pets and we try to make sure all their needs are met. We have an outside enclosure, which is joined to our home via a bridge over our drive. Our stud boy has his own quarters with heating, TV and radio. He also has a large outside enclosure. Our queens have adjoining housing next door, again with heating. I am a committed breeder and aim to maintain the Standards for both breeds. We take part in a few shows each year.

We sometimes have kittens looking for that someone special to train. They love visitors to come for a cuddle and chat.

We are in Mid Devon Tel: 01363 884247
Registered Breeder with the British Ragdoll Cat Club










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